How Faith Influences Military Service

As Americans prepare to honor those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces on Veterans Day (November 11), new Barna data explores the presence of faith in the military. The study, in partnership with American Bible Society, reveals a military made up of men and women who think positively of Christians, welcome the Bible’s influence and are shaped by their profession.

The Faith Crisis of Today’s Irish Youth

Ireland is globally recognized for its long history of Christianity, but religious identity in the republic is rapidly changing, particularly among young people. A new Barna report conducted in partnership with Christ in Youth examines the faith, worries and perceptions of Christianity among youth in the Republic of Ireland. Here are 10 key findings from the report.

The Buzz About Alcohol: America’s Views on Booze

As we enter a few consecutive months known for festive drinking, what better time to look more closely at American adults’ drinking habits? An interesting new Barna survey examines views of this debatable—and often deeply personal or spiritual—topic.

The Evolving Spiritual Identity of Jewish Millennials

Half of Jewish Millennials say their Jewish identity is “very important” to them. So how do they define or embrace that identity? In a brand new report, Barna looks closely at the ways young Jews in America experience and engage with tradition in a rapidly changing culture.

Most Pastors Feel Energized and Supported

The call to pastoral ministry has its unique benefits and challenges, so in an effort to acknowledge the risks and rewards of pastoral ministry today, Barna created an infographic examining the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of pastors. Take a look.

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The splintering and polarization of American culture has made it more difficult than ever to have hard conversations.

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